Storing Your Leather & Suede Jackets

You might have spent hundreds of dollars on your leather & suede jacket, but how do you keep them well in a humid country like Singapore?

Leather & suede are organic materials, hence it is difficult to predict how they will react with cleaning solutions. Many dry cleaners will not attempt leather & suede cleaning.

With an accumulated wealth of experience in leather & suede cleaning, we do not only clean but also restore your items using the most modern techniques of leather care.

Here are some tips from our Leather Specialist:

–  Keep your leather jacket clean. Spot clean any stains as soon as possible, or send it to us before keeping it in long-term storage.

– As a leather jacket is heavy, invest in a well-constructed, non-rustable hangar with good shoulder support. This helps retain the shape of your leather jacket well while it hangs in your cabinet.

–  Wrap your leather jacket in something breathable – acid-free tissue or muslin garment bags are ideal. The clear plastic covers provided to you after the jacket is cleaned is meant for temporary use and certainly not meant for long-term storage use.

–  There’s no permanent way to rid of excess humidity but you can reduce the level of moisture by using a chemical desiccant or investing in a small dehumidifier in the wardrobe where the leather jacket is stored. Leave room between clothes to allow the clothes space to breathe and allow trapped moisture to escape.

–  The cabinet needs to be dark – prolonged exposure to light can lead to discolouration.

–  Take out your leather jacket for a good airing once a month or so. Ventilation is important to prevent mildew and build-up of odour.

–  Apply a leather protectant or conditioner occasionally, say once every 6 months or so. Astoria will do this for you when you send in your leather jacket for cleaning.


If you intend to pack your leather items for long storage, do inform us and we’ll gladly pack for you in our acid-free packaging after cleaning!