Technically speaking, “Carpets” are floor coverings that are installed and which can span wall to wall, whereas “Rugs” are generally movable. By this definition, rugs should be considered a subset of carpets. Therefore in modern context, the piece of floor covering that we send for cleaning can be termed “Carpet” or “Rug”  interchangeably.

So what is the difference between Rugs and Carpets? Why can they be charged differently when sent for cleaning?


Carpets in our context are floor coverings that are significantly large and usually has a second layer that makes it thicker and keeps the shape of the floor covering. These second layers can be either another layer of heavy-duty fabric such as canvas or rubber-based that reduces slippage. It is also because of this second layer that increases the bulk of this type of floor covering, cleaning would usually need to be done manually and hence warrant more cost to clean.

“Persian Carpets” and “Chinese Carpets” belong to a subcategory of our carpet cleaning service. This is largely because these carpets can sometimes be as thick as two centimetres, and they are very often elaborately decorated with a large pastel of colours.  Special care is required to clean this type of floor coverings and the duration to thoroughly dry these carpets after cleaning can sometimes take up to a week.


“Rugs” in our context should be technically termed as “Throw Rugs”. They are usually woven with no second layer. As such the properties of “Rugs” would include the inability to keep its shape, often relying on anti-slip mats, and are usually smaller and very much lighter than carpets. This type of floor covering is much easier to clean and often can be placed into a large washing machine. Because it requires less attention, cleaning such floor covering are usually much cheaper.