Good personal hygiene is the major key to both physical and mental balance in life. When it comes to beddings, it is important to wash your sheets once per week, especially if you’r living in Singapore. However, you should wash your sheets more often if:

  • you sweat excessively
  • you have allergies or asthma and are sensitive to dust
  • you have warm summer season
  • you have an infection or lesion that makes contact with your sheets or pillows
  • your pet sleeps in your bed
  • you eat in bed
  • you go to bed without showering

Best way to wash your sheets at home

  • Before you toss your lines into the washer, check the label for any precautions and follow the instructions.
  • Machine wash with warm water using a gentle detergent. If you have sensitive skin, you may consider rinsing the sheets a second time to remove any residual detergent.
  • Tumble dry on low, or hang dry.

In order to maintain a peaceful sleep don’t forget to freshen up other beddings. Here are the recommended cleaning frequency for beddings,

  • Pillow cases : Once a week
  • Duvet covers : Once every 2 weeks to a month
  • Comforters : Once every 2-3 months
  • Blankets : Once every 2-3 months
  • Pillows : Once every 4-6 months (if washable)

Always check the manufacturer’s care instructions, if possible. While these guidelines are generally applicable, occasionally a piece of bedding will have a unique design that requires specific care and washing.

If you ever need help with your beddings, schedule your laundry cleaning with Astoria Dry Cleaning Services at and we promise to make your beddings smell fresh & clean.