Frequently Asked Questions

How should I gauge the price of my night and blackout curtains?

Here at Astoria, we typically estimate a night or blackout curtain to be 3kg. However, this may vary if your curtains are longer and of blackout material. Blackout curtains (those with rubber backing) tend to weigh heavier. Rest assured that our team will weigh your curtains on-site, before bringing it back to our main operations. Our night and blackout curtains are $12/kg.

Customers who prefer to have their curtains removed and installed on their own are charged at $10/pc for day curtains and $10/kg for night and blackout curtains. Please note that we currently do not provide this labour service for homes that require scaffolding.

My curtains are quite new. How is it possible for them to tear/be damaged during the cleaning?

Curtains and carpets are 2 items that require the least cleaning but not no cleaning. However, they are easily forgotten, and sent for cleaning during festive periods. Regular cleaning can help to prolong the lifespan of the 2 most expensive items in our homes. We recommend our customers to send in their curtains and carpets for cleaning every 6 months. Anything more than 6 months might result in the weakening of the material or permanent stains, especially curtains, due to sun exposure and accumulation of dirt. This causes the curtain to tear easily during the cleaning process, no matter how gentle the cleaning may be.

There are some curtains that might even tear before cleaning. We perform a test patch on the items upon reaching our Main Operations to ensure that they do not damage during the cleaning process. If the material proves to be unsuitable for cleaning, we will not clean the item unless given permission by the customer. However, there are times when the material gives way during the cleaning process which we may not have anticipated, even after the test patch – thus we always advise our customers to clean their curtains every 6 months.

Why is your price for overcoat/winter coat the same for laundry and dry clean?

Most overcoats/winter coats are meant for dry clean only. However, we inspect and follow the care labels on your items to determine if the item is suitable for laundry or dry clean. In general, overcoats/winter coats are thicker and require more effort as they are more complicated to clean. If your care label states that dry clean is not allowed, laundry for these items tend to require more care and attention. This is why the price for our overcoat/wintercoat is the same, as we clean based on your item’s cleaning needs.

Will you be able to remove mold and mildew on my suede/leather jacket?

We have successfully removed molds and mildew on these items before, restoring it to its previous glory. However, molds and mildew that have sat on the material for a period of time will cause a permanent damage. The result of this will be a bald patch or lightened spot.

Unlike leather items that may be polished and possibly restored, restoration is impossible for suede items as the damage is irreversible. This is the reason why we encourage our customers to either leather conditioned these items themselves or send in for a refresh every 6 months.

Do you do spot cleaning and how much do you charge?

For items that are sent in for cleaning, we do a thorough check for stains/dirt and perform manual spot cleaning for stubborn stains/dirt that the machine cannot remove. We also do minor spot cleaning for customers upon their request. If the spot cleaning might potentially damage your items, we will call you and proceed only upon customer’s permission. For heavily stained items (that laundry and dry cleaning cannot remove), we usually process it manually by hand washing.

However, you will be pleased to know that we do not charge additionally on top of your cleaning charge for minor spot cleaning.

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