About Us

We serve passionately 

We pride ourselves in being Singapore’s only forth generation family owned, dry cleaning and laundry business. Fronted by sons for over 20 years, we are passionate about the traditions that have been handed down to us. Originally hailed from Shanghai, Astoria Dry Cleaning Services (爱洗多丽雅干洗服务) was revitalised in 1995 after the now-defunct Victoria Dry Cleaning Company (established in 1947). Our mission is to keep the legacy alive and thriving stronger than ever.

We integrate purposefully 

Astoria Dry Cleaning Services has been the front runner in the laundry and dry cleaning industry in Singapore. Over the last 20 years, we have harnessed technology to embrace newer methods of cleaning. Combining our decades of cleaning experience with technology, this enables us to optimise and accelerate our operations.

We work responsibly

What differentiates us is our follow through with your garments from the start to end; our understanding on fabrics and stains. Every garment that reaches us is carried out in-house with no outsourcing. You can be assured that we are able to keep a close eye on quality control during the cleaning process. In addition, you enjoy affordable rates and provide faster turnaround times without any compromising on quality.

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